Rebecca specializes in children, youth and families, individual and family therapy. Rebecca uses non-traditional therapy that takes the client outside of the home to experience their interests and hobbies. Clients deserve to have someone who seeks first to understand where they are in their circumstances by someone who offers support, encouragement, and understanding. 

Rebecca Bowman is a QMHP registered with the state of Oregon. Her certificate to practice is A4848 and she has been registered since August 2010. She has a BA degree in Social Work at University of Arkansas Cum Laude in 2007 and MA in Social work at University of Oklahoma Cum Laude in 2008 with an emphasis on children, youth and family.

Rebecca has 20 + years of experience. Rebecca has worked with clients who have experienced life’s ups and downs and need to have someone to walk with them through their current challenges and struggles. Rebecca is charismatic, passionate and believes all people deserve a life full of joy and laughter and with a foundation of understanding and grace.

Rebecca is an independent contractor who is currently working with the Forever Family Therapy group, please see foreverfamilytherapy.org for more information.